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    Light Bee L1e
    Street Fighter


    Lightning on the road


    Urban mobility ride easy, ride free


    road setup with off-road heart inside


    Ultra-short wheelbase ride easy, turn easy


    High ground clearance Excellent handling


    Lightweight sprocket Maximum of torque

    Road kit equipped

    The same power system as Light Bee X version, And comply with European road regulations Road kit——LCD dashboard,LED headlight front& rear fender, turn signal and brake light

    First choice for your urban riding

    The Light Bee L1e version could let you not only riding in off road, now you can explore the beautiful urban streets while riding your light bee as well. High power LED headlight lights your way at night, reliably fenders make you to keep your riding style without worried about dirt and mud.

    Excellent riding experience

    The motor can output up to 5400w power and the driving wheel can produce 250Nm torque in sport mode, Easy to ride in bumpy road, 19-inch wheel set for better road experience, make riding more enjoyable

    High Performance Motor

    up to 5400 rpm Protection level IP55

    FOC Sinewave Controller

    Multi complicated algorithms full encapsulation structure

    High power battery pack

    High standard 18650 cells, powerful and reliable

    Perfect power combination

    By holding several large-scale city races, obtained race data and constantly adjusted according to the riding experience of top riders all around the world, SUR-RON independently designs and developed power system is now much more powerful and adapt to more complicated urban road situation.

    Exploring the city with Light bee

    Whether it's a CBD area full of skyscrapers, scrapped old town, or busy shopping center, explore a better world together with Light Bee L1e

    City Genius, fun on the road

    No engine noise and exhaust, no huge bike body and heavy weight, no gear shifting, riding light bee L1e is easy, born free, challenge more
    Dimension: 1860mm×780mm×1050mm
    Ground clearance: 270mm
    Wheel base: 1230mm
    Seat height: 802mm
    Dry/Curb weight: 47kg/58kg
    Carrying capacity: 100kg
    Front fork travel: 200mm
    Rear shock/wheel travel: 87/210mm
    Power system: Mid-drive BLDC motor + FOC sine wave controlle
    Rated power: 2040W
    Maximum torque: 250N.m
    Top speed: 45km/h
    Range: 60km
    Battery type: 60V/32Ah lithium-ion removable battery pack
    Charge time: 3-4h
    Frame design: aluminum forged frame
    Front tire: 70/100-19
    Rear tire: 70/100-19
    Riding mode: SPORTS + ECO mode
    Assistance functions: Regen(on SPORTS mode)

    High Visibility

    LED turn signal Special structure design, Long service life

    High Brightness

    LED light patternl Safety first for your daily riding

    Intersect TR
    rear suspension system

    The length of multi-link central
    single cylinder air shock absorber is
    267mm, the effective travel of shock
    absorber is 85mm, and the preload,
    compression and rebound are all ad-
    justable, make it more suitable for all
    urban road conditions

    High performance front

    Inverted suspension, equipped with
    rebound damping adjustment,
    spring preloading adjustment, The
    joint of the fork inner tube is rein-
    forced with CNC clip to enhance the
    strength and stiffness of the fork
    body, and the effective travel
    reaches 203mm, easily absorb the
    vibrations on the road.

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