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    Curb weight Ultra-Lightweight design


    Effective cruising range Fast charging within 3 hours


    Maximum Torque Climbing angle over 45 degrees

    Excellent performance combined with exciting appearance

    The light bee combined the both high torque from dirt bike and lightweight and agility from downhill bicycle.Under the dynamic appearance , it hides a wild and enthusiastic heart.

    Self-developed Intersect TR Rear Suspension System

    After thousands of times on cross-country tracks and urban road tests, we have created an amazing multi-link rear suspension system for the light bee. The appearance is integrated with the overall vehicle structure, and the shock absorption performance is also adjusted according to the usage characteristics of electric bikes, so that the tires can maintain the best grip continuously.


    Short wheelbase design Easy to ride


    Minimum Ground Clearance Easy to recover when stuck


    Large size disc brake Strong braking performance

    Excellent sport performance

    In the sports mode, the strong power output up to 5KW and the instantaneous erupted on-wheel torque with 250N.m, makes you easy to handle skills like jumping and wheelie etc.. Additionally, the 19-inch professional off-road wheel set is excellent in the abilities of passage and never gets stuck. All of these contribute to the better sport performance.

    High Performance Motor

    Maximum rotate speed 5400 rpm Protection level IP55

    FOC Sine Wave Controller

    Multi-Curve Compound Algorithms Full encapsulation structure

    High-power battery pack

    High rate 18650 cell Safe and reliable

    Well matched EIC system

    The EIC system is self-developed by SURRON. After five test riding trips in Sichuan and Tibet Province, as well as the continuous feedback from the top riders all around the world, the EIC system is set to adapt more challenging and harsh riding scenarios.

    Light Bee your move in all terrain

    Whether in the mountain trails, the snowy forest, the professional competition ground or the street alleys, the Light bee can adapt to all road conditions and also show its unique attitude and the characteristic of charging at anytime and anywhere.
    Whether in the mountain trails, the snowy forest, the professional competition ground or the street alleys, you can ride your Light bee anywhere, anytime.

    Easy to handle the classic skills

    Wheelie, drifting, tyre burn-out and jumping, all these skills can be easy to handle after riding on the Light Bee. It can be used for the first learning by newcomers, competition among friends, parent-child interaction and professional training. Everyone can enjoy the fun of riding Light Bee. riding Light Bee.
    Dimension: 1860mm×780mm×1050mm
    Ground clearance: 270mm
    Wheel base: 1255mm
    Seat height: 830mm
    Dry/Curb weight: 45kg/56kg
    Carrying capacity: 100kg
    Front fork travel: 200mm
    Rear shock/wheel travel: 87/210mm
    Power system: Mid-drive BLDC motor + FOC sine wave controller
    Maximum power: 5000W
    Maximum torque: 250N.m
    Top speed: 75km/h
    Range: 100km(@20km/h)
    Battery Type: 60V/32Ah lithium-ion removable battery pack
    Charge time: 3-4h
    Frame design: aluminum forged frame
    Front tire: 70/100-19
    Rear tire: 70/100-19
    Riding mode: SPORTS + ECO mode
    Assistance functions: Regen(on SPORTS mode)

    High Performance Brake System

    Opposed Four Piston Hydraulic Brake System,Reliable High
    brake performance,Metallica Brake Pad represent High brake
    performance and long durability,203mm brake Disc can achieve
    more immediate and safer braking action

    7.8KG Ultra-Lightweight Frame

    Aviation standard aluminum alloy forged by 6000 tons pressures,
    one of the top G3 curve design in the industry,fully automatic welding process to ensure the consistency in production

    All-day GPS monitoring

    built-in high precision GPS.sign up at sur-ron official app
    and connect your bike to your phone. Tracking your bike
    location and review your riding route at anytime and anywhere
    Complete new designed suspension system
    Adjustable rebound
    spring preload adjustable
    200mm effective travel, can easily stand big jump,
    and overall smooth suspension feel
    Designed with triple rate coil spring installed,
    gives you a much better fork stability
    working perfectly on both trail and track condi-
    tions or daily riding terrain

    RST Light weight Conventional

    Anodized Black Fork

    Special design for Light Bee X version RA compression
    damping preload damping reduced 4-6 kfg Rebound Adjust
    according to the terrain and riding style, Oil injection
    port available, easy to maintenance Anodized black
    surface treatment adding PTFE coating, made the fork
    travelling smoother, more heat resistance, more waterproof
    and more corrosion resistance.200mm fork suspension travel

    DNM High Performance

    Up-side-down Fork

    Rebound damping special design for Light Bee X
    version, adjustable spring preload Customized CNC
    clip added to the inner tube, increase the strength
    and the stiffness of the fork 203mm fork travel,
    extremely good at shock absorb and filter


    Using 18650 Lithium battery cell, equipped with safe and efficient BMS, the battery pack can produce sufficient and stable power. 4 temperature sensor and 485 communication protocol ensure the high-power load capacity and service life of the battery pack. The whole battery pack weighs only 11KG. Less than 10 seconds quick assembly or disassembly, easy to charge anytime, anywhere.

    Excellent FOC Intelligent sine wave controller

    SURRON independently design and develop, multi-curve compound algorithm program, real-time monitoring of throttle turning angle, speed, motor torque and current intensity, and will continuously analyze and learn your daily riding data to make it compliance with your riding habits.

    High Efficiency center placed Motor

    High Performance Brushless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, SURRON design and developed dedicated to Light Bee,
    a powerful heart with efficient electronic braking function. IP55 Protection level,
    High-grade permanent magnet material withstands high temperatures up to 180 ° C with peak torque of 32 N.m

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